Instructor Dashboard: Add New Assignment

To add a new assignment in the assignment tab, click on the “add new” button found on the top-left corner of the tab. Upon clicking the button, it will lead you to the assignment page.

Here, you can put the title or label of your assignment.

Below the labeling of the assignment, you then need to associate the assignment in a specific course and lesson. The status will reflect whether or not the assignment as been approved. The points reflect whether or not they are enabled depending on they have been auto-approved.

In the discussion tab, you can allow comments to be made on the assignments you published. Alternatively, you can forbid the same here.

In the Slug tab, you can create your own URL for your assignments. 

In the comments tab, your instructions for the assignment can be placed here, aside from the lesson and discussion.

On the Note Opinion tab, you can enable or disable the notes in the assignment.

On the right side of the screen found on the top-right of the Add New Assignment page, is the publish tab. Here, you will be able to see the status and visibility of your questions and see when and at what time it was published. You can even move the assignment to trash and decide to make a new one from scratch.