Instructor Dashboard: Add New Question

In the LMS questions tab, you will be able to view all of the questions and quizzes you have created. To create a new question, simply click on the “add new” button located on the top-left portion of the page. Clicking this button will lead you to the question page.

Here, you can put the title or label of your question. The body is where you put the question itself. There is no limitations on how big or how you will make the question. Editing tools are available on the top row of the body. You will be able to see the word count and when the question is last edited on the bottom row of the body.

The right side of the screen is where you can find the publishing tab where you can see the statue and visibility of your question and when and what time the question was published. You can even have the option to move the question to trash.

Below the publishing tab is the answer type tab. This tab gives you a variety of options on the manner that you want your question answered. The following options are:

  1. Single choice – only one correct answer will be chosen.
  • Multiple choice – two or more answers can be correct.
  • “free” choice – your students have to input the specific correct answer.
  • “sorting” choice – your students have to rearrange the options using the move button in order to score a point.
  • “matrix sorting” choice – In the “criterion”, you have to put the statement or question that you want. Then in the “sort element” right beside the criterion, you would put the corresponding correct answer. It is like a mix and match of set A and set B in a written test.
  • Fill in the blanks – self-explanatory where the students have to answer the blanks left in the question
  • Assessment – This is an evaluation type of answer. An example is giving a student a range of 1, 2, and 3. 1 will lean to being false while 3 will lean to being true and 2 being stuck down in the middle.
  • Essay/open answer – The student will answer in an essay or open format. You have the option to select whether to answer is on a text entry or a file upload.

In the end, there will be an option to let the students know whether or not you will manually grade their answers or do it automatically upon quiz submission.

Whatever answer type/choices you select, all of your answers are to be encoded in the Answers tab. In every answer type, directions will be shown on how to encode them.

Below the answer type tab, there is the Quiz questions tab. Here, you will be able to see the associated questions from the questions you are making. You can also add question category that will be visible in statistics function. The question category is located below the quiz questions tab.

In the points tab, you will have to indicate how many points you will award to your students for every correct answer. You can give different points for each answer if you enable this option.

In the feature image tab, you can add feature images that would be visible in the question only.

Going down further the quiz page, you will see panels titled “message with the correct answer” and another panel titled “message with the incorrect answer”. Both of these panels give you an option to give a message whether or not the student answered correctly or incorrectly. This is a good way to explain further on the correct answer to better convey the lesson.

There is also a panel titled “Hint” which gives the option to give hints to your students on the question.

You can use the template if you made one.

The Slug panel will allow you to change the URL of your question.

Lastly, the baludLMS Question Settings, you can add a question that you are making to a specific quiz using the associated quiz.