Instructor Dashboard: Course Settings

At the Settings tab of the Course page, you will be able to see various sections that will allow you to edit the setting on how the course will interact with the user.

The first section to be talked about will be the Display and Content Option where you can control the look and feel of the Course Preview and optional content settings.

From here, you can enable or disable the following:

  1. Course Materials – is the list and display support materials for the course. Any content added here is displayed in the course page
  • Course Certificate – Here, you may award a certificate to your students once they reach the end of the course.
  • Course Content – Here, you can choose whether or not to display the course content table to all users or only to those who have enrolled.
  • Custom Pagination – here, you can customize the pagination option for your course content table, allowing you to show the number of lesson or topics that can be shown per page.
  • Custom Lesson Order – here, you may customize the display order of your lessons and topics. These are sorted either by title, date, or menu order. You can also set the order direction by ascending or descending order.
  • Idle Times (second) – Here, you can track your students activity by enabling idle time so you can set a specific time in seconds where your students can be flagged as inactive if they are doing nothing on their screen.

The second Section will be the Course Access Setting, you can control the timing and the way the courses you have published can be accessed. The following options are the access modes that you have available in this section:

  1. Free – This mode will have the course be protected where registration and enrollment are required in order to access its content.
  • Buy Now – This mode will protect the course via the in-built Paypal and/or Stripe. Here, the user needs to purchase the course (a one-time fee) in order to gain access. You will also set the course price here.
  • Recurring – This mode is similar to the Buy now mode where the course is protected via the in-built Paypal and/or Stripe. This time however,  Instead of paying for a one-time fee to gain access to the course forever, this mode will have users pay a recurring fee after a certain time period has elapse. You can set the billing cycle or how long before the user has to pay again to gain access to the course.
  • Closed – In this mode, the course can only be accessed through admin enrollment (manual), group enrollment, or integration (shopping cart or membership) enrollment. No enrollment button will be displayed, unless a URL is set.

Course Perquisites can be enabled or disabled here in the Course Access Setting. Here, you can adjust whether the students can gain access to the course once they either have completed any of the selected course or have completed all of the selected course. You will of course, have to select the perquisite courses that needs to be completed here.

Another setting that can be enabled or disabled found in the Course Access Setting is the Course Points. Here you may indicate the required number of points a student must have in order to gain access to the course. You will also be able to indicate the number of points to be awarded once they have completed the course.

Finally, the last setting, which can be enabled or disabled, to be found in the Course Access Setting is the Course Access expiration. Here, you can set a time period where students are limited to gaining access to the course within said time period. When the time period has expired, students will no longer be able to access the course. Upon enabling this option, you will be able to set the number of days that students have to be able to freely access the course before they are cut off. Optionally, you can also enable or disable the option to have all the user course data be deleted upon access expiration.

The third section will be the Course Navigation Setting which controls how users interact with the content and their navigational experience. Here, you can find the course progression which sets how users will be able to progress in the course. It can be set to either linear or free form.

  1. Linear – This is where users are limited to progressing through the course in the designated step sequence.
  • Free Form – Allows the user to move freely through the course without following the designated step sequence.

Course User is the final section where you can find that users enrolled via groups are excluded from the listings below and should be managed via the group admin screen.