Instructor Dashboard: Courses

Here in the courses tab, all the course you have made for every courses is listed down here. To create a new course, Click on the “add new” button found on the top-left part of the page. There will be a separate tutorial video for this particular function of the LMS Course.

Within this page, you will see the author of each course, their course categories, their course tags, and the date and time they were published.

To search for a specific course, go to the bar found in the top-right of the screen, right next to the “search course” button. Input the necessary data then click the “search Course” button.

You can also filter out the courses by their date, course categories, or by course tags. These filter options are found bellow the “add new” button.

The bulk action feature will allow you to edit all of the selected courses or move them all to trash all at the same time.