Instructor Dashboard: Overview

Upon the opening of the instructor’s dashboard, the first tab you will see is the overview. 

Here in the instructor’s overview tab of the Balud LMS, you will be able to see the summary or overview of the courses you have made and all of the students enrolled on all of your courses combined.

Within the tab, there is a pie chart to show an illustration of a percentage of how many of your students have not yet started the course, are already in progress, or have already completed the indicated course.

Within the submission section of the instructor’s overview, you can track all of the submission made by your students from any specific course you have made. These submissions can be filtered by Title, course, lesson, date, point, status, and type.

On the header, clicking “my Dashboard” will redirect you back to your profile or to Balud homepage, letting you go to the different parts and functions of the website.

Right beside “My Dashboard” is the button “My Courses” where it will lead you to the different courses you are currently taking or can freely take.

Right beside this button is “My Blogs” where clicking to it will lead you to your blog where you can view all of the blogs you have published, bookmarked, or drafted.

The last button on the top right side of the header is the “My projects” button. This will lead you to the project manager page, where you can see all of your active or completed project.