Instructor Dashboard: Quiz Builder

Here in the builder in the quiz page, you will be able to create the questions for your quizzes. Here, you can put any title that you want for each question, then click save to apply your changes.

The main question will be put in the question line. The Question line can be seen by the large bolded “question” text and the pencil icon located at the other end. Click the pencil icon to start editing. Once finished, click the save button.

You have a number of options on how you want your questions to be answers. They are the following:

  1. Single choice – only one correct answer will be chosen.
  1. Multiple choice – two or more answers can be correct.
  1. “free” choice – your students have to input the specific correct answer.
  1. “sorting” choice – your students have to rearrange the options using the move button in order to score a point.
  1. “matrix sorting” choice – In the “criterion”, you have to put the statement or question that you want. Then in the “sort element” right beside the criterion, you would put the corresponding correct answer. It is like a mix and match of set A and set B in a written test.
  1. Fill in the blanks – self-explanatory where the students have to answer the blanks left in the question
  1. Assessment – This is an evaluation type of answer. An example is giving a student a range of 1, 2, and 3. 1 will lean to being false while 3 will lean to being true and 2 being stuck down in the middle.
  1. Essay/open answer – The student will answer in an essay or open format. You have the option to select whether to answer is on a text entry or a file upload.

In the end, there will be an option to let the students know whether or not you will manually grade their answers or do it automatically upon quiz submission.

You will also indicated how many points are awarded for every correct answer.

In the questions settings you will see panels titled “message with the correct answer” and another panel titled “message with the incorrect answer”. Both of these panels give you an option to give a message whether or not the student answered correctly or incorrectly. This is a good way to explain further on the correct answer to better convey the lesson.

You will also have the option to enable hints for every question.

When you are done, always click save.

On the top-right portion of the page, there is an actions bar. Here, you have the option to reprocess quiz questions, export the quiz, or see the statistics of the quiz you have created.

You can always preview you work using the preview button before clicking on the update or publish button located right next to the preview button.