Instructor Dashboard: Quiz Settings

At the Settings tab of the Quiz page, you will be able to see various sections that will allow you to edit the setting on how the course will interact with the user.

The first section to be talked about will be the Quiz Access Settings where you will set and control the requirements for accessing the quiz.

This section gives the following settings:

  1. Associated course – You will set here what course your quiz will be associated with.
  • Associated Lesson – You will set here what Lesson your quiz will be associated with.
  • Quiz Perquisites – This will require your students to have taken or finished a previous quiz first before they can gain access to this quiz.
  • Allowed Users – Enabling this will mean that only registered users can take the quiz. Otherwise, it can be marked as free so even non-registered users can also take this quiz.

The next Section is the Progression and Restriction Settings. This will control the requirements for accessing and completing the quiz.

This section gives the following settings:

  1. Passing Score – Base on a percent scale, you can indicate the passing grade the students must attain to pass the quiz.
  • Quiz Certificate – Here, you can award a certificate for those who pass the quiz if you so wish to do so.
  • Restrict Quiz Retakes – This will allow you to allow, restrict, or forbid quiz retakes
  • Question Completion – Enabling this will require your students to complete all of your questions in the quiz in order for them to complete the quiz.
  • Time Limit – This will set a time limit on the quiz. Upon hitting the time limit, it will automatically submit the quiz for checking.

The next section to be talked about will be the Display and Content Option where you can control the look and what will be displayed on the quiz.

From here, you can enable or disable the following:

  1. Quiz Materials – is the list and display support materials for the Quiz. Any content added here is displayed in the Quiz page
  • Autostart – enabling autostart will automatically start the quiz without having to hit the tart button.
  • Question Display – will allow you to either show one question at a time, all questions at once, or paginated. You will also have the option to show the results of the quiz either at the end only or display the results of each submitted answer. You can also enable a back button so that your students can go back to the previous questions.
  • Question Overview Table – enabling this function will show an overview table to be shown on all questions. It will also give you the option to allow the students to see the summary of the quiz before they submit if you enable quiz summary. There is also the option to enable the students to skip questions if you allow it by enabling skip question.
  • Custom Question Order – here, you may customize the display order of your questions. These are sorted either by category or by randomized order where they display all the question or display subsets of questions.
  • Additional Question Options – enabling this function will allow any elements under this function to be displayed in each question.
  • Idle Times (second) – Here, you can track your students activity by enabling idle time so you can set a specific time in seconds where your students can be flagged as inactive if they are doing nothing on their screen.

The next section is the results page display where you can control how the result page will look.

This section gives the following settings:

  1. Result messages – When enabled, the first message with be displayed to ALL users. To customize the message based on earned score, click add new graduation levels and set “from” field to the desired grade.
  • Restart quiz button – when enabled, allows your students to restart the quiz
  • Custom Result display – enables the items you wish to display in the result page. The following items that can be displayed if you want it so are:
  1. Average score – display the average score of all the users that took the quiz.
  2. Category score – display the score achieved for each question category.
  3. Overall score – display the overall score of the student in the quiz.
  4. No. of correct answers – display the number of correct answers the student manage to achieve.
  5. Time spent – display the time the student spent on answering the quiz.
  • Custom answer feedback – This selects which data users should be able to view when reviewing their submitted questions.

The next sections is the Administrative and Data Handling Settings. This controls the data handling options, notifications and templates.

This sections give the following settings:

  1. Custom fields – enabling this setting means that you would be able to gather data from your users before and after the quiz. All data is stored in the quiz statistics.
  • Leaderboard – You can enable or disable the leaderboard that will be available after the quiz is taken.
  • Quiz Statistics – enabling this means that instead of auto-updating the statistics from each course from time to time, or whenever someone takes the quiz, the statistics will be updated every 24 hours. This is beneficial for courses that doesn’t have a deadline or have too much enrollees.
  • Email notification – enabling this means that either you, the user, or both will receive an email notification that the following users have taken the quiz.
  • Quiz template – This enables you to use a previous quiz template or save the current quiz as a template for future quizzes. You do have to option not to use it too.
  • Advance settings – In this settings, you may allow browser cookie protection and save the user’s answer for a specific period of time only.