Instructor Dashboard: Quizzes

In the LMS Quizzes tab, you will be able to view all of the quizzes you have created. To create a new Quizzes, simply click on the “add new” button located on the top-left portion of the page. Clicking this button will lead you to the quiz page.

The quiz page is divided into four parts.

The first part is the body, where you will be adding the quiz title and the quiz content.

The second part is the editing panel where you can add templates on your quiz content. Clicking on the “addition/plus” icon, you will be able to make a variety of editing options and some additions to enhance your quiz. Aside from editing your text, you can add various media like photos, audio, links or URLs, or even embed YouTube videos or twitter codes.

To preview your work, click on the “preview” button found on the top-right portion of the page. This will allow you to see what your quiz would look like after doing all of your editing before you update or publish your quiz.

Clicking the “three dots in column” icon will show you to options menu pertaining to the quiz page itself. It will allow you to see what is visible in your quiz page. You have the option to pin the top toolbars at the editing panel to be able to easily access all the block and document tools in a single place. There is also the Spotlight mode where you can focus on one block at a time. And there is the full screen mode to allow you to work without distraction.

The third part of the quiz page is the side panel. You can gain access to this part by clicking the “gear” icon. The side panel has two tabs, document and Block. The first to be discussed will be the document tab.

The document tab will allow you to see the status and visibility of your quiz and check the number of post views and even move it to trash. Below this, you can find the permalink where, under the URL Slug bar, you can change the URL of your quiz.

Further down, you can find the quiz Categories section where you can add categories on your selected quiz. Below that is the quiz tag section where you can add tags associated with your quiz. The next option is where you can add feature image for your quiz. As you go down, you can view the associated contents and topics with your quiz. At the quiz questions, you can overview the number of questions you have created in every quiz. Same with the other pages, you can also put in a content type, a content icon, an estimated duration, and a short description of your quiz.

The next will be the Block tab.

Under the block tab, you can resize every block texts and even change the font and background color.

The fourth and last part of the Quiz page is the bottom of the page holding the Note Options

The Note options will allow you to either enable or disable the ability of your students to take notes during the duration of the quiz.