Instructor Dashboard: Topic Settings

At the settings tab of the topic page, you will be able to see various sections that will allow you to edit the settings on how the topic will interact with the user.

The first section to be talked about will be the Display and Content Option where you can control the look and feel of the topic Preview and optional content settings.

From here, you can enable or disable the following:

  1. topic Materials – is the list and display support materials for the topic. Any content added here is displayed in the topic page.
  2. Video Progression – enabling this will require your students to watch the full video before they can proceed to the other parts of the topic. You can customize the display timing of your video to have it displayed either before or after completing sub-steps.
  3. Autostart – enabling autostart will automatically start the video you added once the page start loading.
  4. Video Controls display – Enabling video controls display will allow your students to pause, move backward or move forward within the video.
  5. Video pause on window unfocused – enabling this function will have the video they are playing be paused automatically when they switch to a different window.
  6. Video resume – Your students can resume on where they left off on the video if you have this function enabled.
  7. Assignments upload – This is to be used when you have an assignment for a specific lesson. You can specify the file type and the file size that you want submitted. You can even award points to your students by submitting their assignment. The grading type will have to be specific however, whether you want these points to be given automatically upon submission or manually.

Giving points automatically will mean full points are given so long as the assignment are submitted. Doing it manually would mean that an admin or a group leader will assign the points. The topic will not be completed until these points are given. Choosing to manually give your will also provide the option to limit the number of times they can submit their assignment and whether or not file deletion can be enabled.

  • topic timer – enabling this means that your student’s topics cannot be marked as completed until they fulfill a specific time on the window.
  1. Idle Times (second) – Here, you can track your students activity by enabling idle time so you can set a specific time in seconds where your students can be flagged as inactive if they are doing nothing on their screen.

The second Section will be the Topic Access Setting, you can control the timing and the way the topic you have published can be accessed. The following options are the access modes that you have available in this section:

  1. Associated course – This will set your topic to a specific course here.
  2. Associated Lesson – This will set your topic to a specific lesson.