Project Management: Files

The Files tab allows you to organize and attach files related to the project you have created. Within the files tab are four different functions to operate the tab.

1). Create a Folder

This can be accessed by clicking on the “Create a Folder” button and does exactly what it says. Once clicked, you can create the title of the folder as well as indicate whether this folder in particular will be private or public.

2). Upload File

You can access this right next to the “create a Folder” button. It does exactly what it say, allowing to upload files into the tab, and give you the option to delete previously uploaded files. It also has the option to make the file private.

3). Create a Doc

The “create a doc” button is the same as uploading a file, only this time, you are capable of creating a title over the document, and include descriptions or comments on the document itself.

4). Link to Docs

 This let you add URLs to different documents, linking them all together in one big document. Same as the “create a doc” function, you can add a title and description or comment over the document itself.

Once any of the four functions are accessed, additional actions can be taken depending on the function used.

Folders can be marked as private or deleted entirely.

Uploaded files can be marked as private, downloaded, deleted, or moved to folders of your choosing.

Created docs can be viewed for other users capable of accessing it to make comments about it and attach additional files and notify other users about the document. Any attachment within the document can be downloaded by clicking the files icon.

Docs, same as the folders, can be marked as private, deleted or moved to folders.

Link to docs have the same functionality as ordinary docs. The only difference is that instead of downloading the attached files, it would instead give you a link or URL leading you to the document.