Project Management: Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart is a tool that allows you the delegate and schedule task in different dates and time to help you accomplish a certain goal.

Clicking the plus icons located at the left side of the screen will allow you to add a new task list, wherein you can input the title, the task to be done, and indicate which milestone it is connected to and whether or not it is private or not.

Clicking a plus icon besides the task list itself will allow you to add new task within that will automatically assigned on that specific task list.

Legends will be shown on the right side of the Gnatt Chart. It will indicate the project as a whole, the task list and the task themselves.

The two ends of a bar on any of the legends will show the starting date and the deadline of that particular project or task, indicating how long said task or project will take.

These task can be moved freely left to write to better help in the adjustment of schedules. Project durations will change as well if the start or end of the task has changed.