Project Management: Kanban Board

The Kanban board is a useful tool that helps you organize and manage work, allowing you to deliberate task in different kinds of stages.

In the beginning, there would be four columns that you will be given with as default. They can used immediately or you can create one yourself.

To create a column for yourself, click the “add new section” button and insert the name of the desired new section.

To begin, you can start by adding new task that are available by clicking the “plus” icon found within each column.

You can create new task yourself by clicking the “add new task” icon found at the bottom of the column. Here, you can input in which tasklist would this new tasks be assigned, who will be performing this task, and inputting the start and due date of this task.

Each column also have different types of settings via clicking the “I” icon. The first of these settings is the “manage automation”.

“Manage Automation” helps you automatically add certain task into the column, assign users, or change the task status. You can however, cancel the automation and select”none” instead.

Selecting “to do” will allow you the option to have newly created task added in the section or to add newly created task only in specific task list to be added in the section.

“In progress” adds closed or completed task that are reopened into the column.

“Done” adds completed task inside the column.

“Manage automation” also allows the automatic assignment of users to any task that will be placed within the column.

The last option within the “Manage Automation” allows you to change the status of the task themselves, from incomplete to complete task.

“Import task” add all the task under a selected task list into the column.

“background color” is self-explanatory as it allows you to change the background color of the column itself.

Lastly, “delete” will erase the column itself.

You can turn the Kanban Board to full screen by clicking the “fullscreen” button found in the most left of the screen

The “filter” button found in the most right side of the screen will allow you to filter out the different task found within the columns.