Project Management: More Settings

Clicking “More” on the Balud Project Manager will show three more settings that you could do within a project. The first setting found would be the “invoice” setting. The “invoice” will allow you to create an invoice for your client.

Within the “invoice” option, you can create the invoice title, the client it is for, the address, from yourself to your client, the invoice date, the due date, the invoice discount percentage (if there are any), the option to set a minimal partial payment, the invoice entries, the terms and visible notes for the client.

“activities” will show you the action and changes made by the users within the project, all of which, comes with a corresponding date and time of said action and change.

“Settings” allows you to select what option do you want to change within the menu. Under the “settings” are various sub-menus for additional options.

“Capabilities” allows you to select what your co-workers or clients do or view in the whole project

“Integration” can be activated with Slack or Github

“labels” is used to add to task to better categorized them and compare to other tasks.

“custom fields” will allow you to add other fields to the selected tasks.