Project Management: My Tasks Overview

Under the “My Task” Tab, you can filter out all the task assigned to you. There are different ways to filter out your task. This is by the Task title, On what project or task list the specific task is in, its start to due date, and if it’s a current task, outstanding task (meaning a task past the due date), or a completed task.

Right below these filters are the task with their corresponding heading. It is from these headings that you can arrange how the task will be arranged, either by their title, their task list, their projects, their due date, or when they were created.

To add a task, click the “add task” found near the top left corner of the screen, right beside the Task title.

Here, you can select a project that you want to add the task to. From there, you can select which task list it will be placed under. If there is no task list made, it will go to the “inbox” as default.

To create a task list, you must first go to the projects under the “Projects” Tab found in the upper left corner of the screen. Once in the Projects tab, select any of the project that is available within. From here, you click the “add task list” button found in the left side of the screen.

After this, you can then start naming or creating a description on the task that you want done. When finished, you can then start assigning to whom it will be responsible to and set the date and time that you want it finished.

The “Overview” tab will show you a better representation of how many task are currently being done. You can see the task that have already been completed or task that have went past their due date.

The different charts like  “at a glance” the “activites” and “My Calendar” will show you the different ways or illustrations of your task to better help you accomplish your goals and get a picture on how progress is being made.

Under the “activities” tab, will show you the list of actions you have done to help you track everything you are doing at the project manager, arranged at a chronological order.