Project Management: Projects Overview

The projects tab is one of the three main tabs of the project manager.

To start creating a new project, click on the “new project” button found at the top-left side of the screen.

From here, you can name the project, categorized it, and have the optional choice to add descriptions or details about what the project is all about. You can leave the descriptions blank if you wish. Below that is where you can start adding in users to work on the project itself and give you the option to notify your co-workers on the new project you are about to create.

Under the projects tab, you can filter out all of the projects you have made. From all the active projects you are currently taking, the completed projects, those marked as favorites. You can also select “all” in order to see every project you have created.

Found at the bottom of the filters are the current projects shown in accordance with the specific filters that you have selected. Selecting any one of the project will expand it and give you wider control over the said project.