Project Management: Task Lists

Once a project is created, you can now start editing and working on it as you please, starting at the task list bar.

Near the Project title, there is a pencil icon. Clicking it will give options to change the project title, category, description, and members. The second icon will allow you to mark the project as either complete or delete it entirely. Note that the project description can also be changed by clicking on the third icon of the three present on the group. 

To add a task list, click on the “add task list” button. You can input the name of the task list, input its details and set what milestone this task list will accomplish once the whole task list is done. You can also mark it as private or not if you so wish.

Bellow the “add task list” button is a bar which you can use to create a new task. This task will be in the “inbox” as default when you finish creating it. However, you are capable of clicking and dragging the task to which ever task list you want placed into. Similarly, you can go and create a new task over the task list themselves.

When creating a task, you can select which person will be assigned to work on that task and also create the timeframe on when it will start and when it should begin.

You can edit task by going over the mouse by the task itself and clicking the “three vertical dots” icon on the far right of the screen. You can make it private, duplicate it, edit it, move it, or delete it entirely.

Clicking on the task themselves will show you a wider range of controls over what you can do with it. From here, you can add members to be assigned on the task. Add due date on the task, turn on or off the privacy, select what type of task it will be, view the estimated time of its completion based on the subtask added in the task itself, add labels, and set if it will be a recurring task. You can also add a customs field, which can also be done in the settings menu. It is also from here that you can add the subtask wihin the task itself and make discussion on the task itself by adding comments to it.

The task list themselves can also be edited the same way you edit the task themselves by going over the mouse by the task list and clicking the “three vertical dots” icon. Here, the task list can be edited, deleted, duplicated, or placed within the archives.

If placed on the archives, you can find the task list by clicking on the “archives” button found in the right side of the screen. You can also find the filter button right beside this button.

From the filter button, it will allow you to filter out the task or task list if you are trying to find something specific.

Below the task list name, you can find the description or details you wrote about the task list itself. Clicking the eye icon will allow you to single out that particular task list and let you create discussion about it. This would also let you create comments about the task list itself.

Right below the task list description/detail are the names of the task themselves and beside them are the users/co-workers assigned to work on them, along with their start and due date. Task will be marked as red if it surpassed their due date.

Completed task can be shown by clicking on the “show completed task” button found below the tasks themselves.