Terms of Service

Corporation name: Balud Digital Solution Corporation

Applied for:

  1. Balud Digital Products, including but is not limited to Balud Digital Social, Balud Digital Downloads, Balud Digital Merkado, Balud Digital Services, Balud Digital Games, Balud Digital Courses, Balud Digital Raffle. (including all other features/apps)

The services we provide:

  1. Provide a personalized experience for you
    • Freedom to like, comment, and share your thoughts in the community
    • Freedom to create topics and join any forums you may be interested in
    • Freedom to share recipes, routes, inquires to other members, find other members, and navigate public photos and documents.
    • Freedom to share your own set of archives, including but is not limited to music, ebooks, magazines, articles, knowledge, karaoke songs, arts and images, installers, and manga and comics
    • Freedom to see other’s archives and download it to your likings.
    • Freedom to share your thoughts and reviews to the community.
    • Freedom to play games available in the community.
    • Freedom to mingle with other people you may like.
    • Freedom to watch videos listed by other members.
    • Freedom to take publicly available courses, and read and create your own blogs.
    • Freedom to list your business and sell your products right from your listing.
    • Freedom to join Balud Digital events accessible for all types of members.

How our services are funded:

  1. Member of the community will have the freedom to join our ALL-ACCESS Member Subscription. This will be the main fund that Balud Digital will have.

Your commitments to Balud Digital:

We provide these services to you and others to help advance our mission. In exchange, we need you to make the following commitments:

  1. Who can use Balud Digital

The community is far more secure and transparent if people are willing to stand by their words and actions. For this reason, you must:

•             Manage your account using your real name

•             Furnish information about yourself that is correct and up-to-date

•             Establish and manage only one account (your own) wherein the control of your timeline is for personal use only

•             Keep your password confidential and never share it with others, allow others to gain access to your Balud Digital account, or handover your account to any other person (without our permission)

We try to make Balud Digital broadly available to everyone, but you cannot use Balud Digital if:

•             You are under 18 years old (or the minimum legal age in your country to use our Products).

•             You are a convicted sex offender.

•             We’ve previously disabled your account for violations of our Terms or Policies.

•             You are prohibited from receiving our products, services, or software under applicable laws.

  • What you can share and do on Balud Digital

Balud Digital wishes its users to be able to express themselves and share ideas and other subject matters that matter most to themselves. This ability the express themselves however, should not come at the cost of the security and well-being of other people nor should it also negatively affect the integrity of our community You therefore agree not to engage in the conduct described below or to aid, help, or encourage others in doing so

  1. Our product will not be used or made to facilitate, share, or do anything:

•             (That would go against the provisions provided on these terms, the Community Standards, and other policies that would apply throughout your use of Balud Digital

•             That is against the law, deceitful, discriminatory, or fraudulent.

•             That violates the rights of others, including any intellectual property rights that may apply to them

                 2.  Uploading viruses or malicious code of any kind, or anything that has the capability or potential to disable, overburden, or damage the proper working or appearance of the product are explicitly prohibited.

3.            You may not access or collect data from our services and in nay part of Balud Digital sites using automated means (without our prior permission) or attempt to access data you do not have permission to access.

We can remove, suspend, terminate or restrict access to content that is in violation of these provisions.

Should we choose to remove whatever content that you might have shared that violated our Community Standards, it will be on our sole discrete whether or not to inform you of such act and explain any options that you have in order to request for another unless you have severely or repeatedly violated these Terms or if, having done so, exposed us or others to legal liability; bring damages or harm to our users; imperil or hamper with the integrity or operation of our services, systems, or Products; where we are restricted due to technical limitations; or where we are unable or barred from doing so due to legal reasons

To help support our community, we encourage you to report content or conduct that you believe violates your rights (including intellectual property rights) or our terms and policies.

We also can remove or restrict access to your content, services or information if we determine that doing so is reasonably necessary to avoid or mitigate adverse legal or regulatory impacts to Balud Digital.

3. The permissions you give us

We need certain permissions from you to provide our services:

1.            Permission to use content you create and share: Some content that you share or upload, such as photos or videos, may be protected by intellectual property laws.

Any content that you have created and shared on Balud Digital and other Balud Digital Services are yours via intellectual property rights (e.g. copyrights or trademarks) and are yours to do as you see fit. The rights you have to your own creations can never be taken away by any provision contained within these Terms.  They are yours to share with anyone and do anything with as you want to.

However, to provide our services we need you to give us some legal permissions (known as a ‘license’) to use this content. This is solely for the purposes of providing and improving our Products and services.

to be more explicit, once you have shared you contents, posting it to any Balud Digital Services, or upload any form of media that are covered by Intellectual property rights that have any relation with our Products, you are giving us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, and worldwide license to host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate, and create derivative works of your content that is consistent with your privacy and application settings. For example, if you share something like a drawing, literature, songs, or any other content on Balud Digital, you give us permission to store, duplicate, and share it with others such as other users within the Balud Community or toher Balud Digital Services and other Serivce Providers. This permission to license such contents will end when your content is deleted from our systems.

You can delete content individually or all at once by deleting your account. You can download a copy of your data at any time before deleting your account.

When you delete content, it’s no longer visible to other users, however it may continue to exist elsewhere on our systems where:

•             immediate deletion is not possible due to technical limitations (in which case, your content will be deleted within a maximum of 365 days from when you delete it);

•             your content has been used by others in accordance with this license and they have not deleted it (in which case this license will continue to apply until that content is deleted); or

•             where immediate deletion would restrict our ability to:

•             investigate or identify illegal activity or violations of our terms and policies (for example, to identify or investigate misuse of our Products or systems);

•             comply with a legal obligation, such as the preservation of evidence; or

•             comply with a request of a judicial or administrative authority, law enforcement or a government agency;

in which case, the content will be retained for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it has been retained (the exact duration will vary on a case-by-case basis).

With all of the previously mentioned cases, The license will persisted until such time that the content has been completely deleted from the system

2.            Permit to the use of your name, profile picture, and information in regards to your actions: You hereby give us the permission to make use of your name, profile picture, and information too all of the actions you have taken on Balud Digital next to or in relation with other content that we will show across our Products, all of which with no compensation granted to you. To illustrate, should you show interest towards a specific page and let it be known to your friends. Anything of this sort can only be seen by the people whom you have given such permission to see such actions that you have taken on Balud Digital.

3.            Permission to update software you use or download: If you download or use our software, you give us permission to download and install updates to the software where available.

4. Limits on using our intellectual property

If you use content covered by intellectual property rights that we have and make available in our Products (for example, images, designs, videos, or sounds we provide that you add to content you create or share on Balud Digital), we retain all rights to that content (but not yours). You can only use our copyrights or trademarks (or any similar marks) as expressly permitted by us or with our prior written permission. You must obtain our written permission (or permission under an open source license) to modify, create derivative works of, decompile, or otherwise attempt to extract source code from us.

4. Additional provisions

1. Updating our Terms

We work constantly to improve our services and develop new features to make our Products better for you and our community. As a result, we may need to update these Terms from time to time to accurately reflect our services and practices. We will only make any changes if the provisions are no longer appropriate or if they are incomplete, and only if the changes are reasonable and take due account of your interests.

We will notify you (for example, by email or through our Products) to our likings before we make changes to these Terms and give you an opportunity to review them before they go into effect, unless changes are required by law. However, it is solely in your responsibilities to constantly check updates in this terms and conditions, once any updated Terms are in effect, you will be bound by them if you continue to use our Products.

We hope that you will continue using our Products, but if you do not agree to our updated Terms and no longer want to be a part of the Balud Digital, you can delete your account at any time or get help from us to do it for you.

2. Account suspension or termination

We want Balud Digital to be a place where people feel welcome and safe to express themselves and share their thoughts and ideas.

If we determine that you have clearly, seriously or repeatedly breached our Terms or Policies, including in particular our Community Standards, we may suspend or permanently disable access to your account. We may also suspend or disable your account if you repeatedly infringe other people’s intellectual property rights or where we are required to do so for legal reasons.

It will be on our sole discrete whether or not to inform you of such act and explain any options that you have in order to request for another unless you have severely or repeatedly violated these Terms or if, having done so, exposed us or others to legal liability; bring damages or harm to our users; imperil or hamper with the integrity or operation of our services, systems, or Products; where we are restricted due to technical limitations; or where we are unable or barred from doing so due to legal reasons

More can be learned on what options are available to you should your account be disabled and how to get in touch with us if you believe that your account has been mistakenly disabled

If you delete or we disable your account, these Terms shall terminate as an agreement between you and us, but the following provisions will remain in place: 3, 4.2-4.5.

3. Limits on liability

We work hard to provide the best Products we can and to specify clear guidelines for everyone who uses them. Our Products, however, are provided “as is,” and we make no guarantees that they always will be safe, secure, or error-free, or that they will function without disruptions, delays, or imperfections. We also DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. We do not control or direct what people and others do or say or share, and we are not responsible for their actions or conduct (whether online or offline) or any content they share (including offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful, and other objectionable content).

We cannot predict when issues might arise with our Products/Services. Accordingly, our liability shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and under no circumstance will we be liable to you for any lost profits, revenues, information, or data, or consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive, or incidental damages arising out of or related to these Terms or the Balud Digital Services, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

4. other concerns

1.            These terms will override any other prior agreements that may have been made regarding any agreements made between you and the Balud Digital in the use of our Products. These terms will be considered the entirety of the agreement between you and Balud Digital in how our Product will be used by you.

2. Note that some of the products that we provide may also be governed by additional, supplemental terms. Should these products be used, the supplemental terms that is attached to them will be open for access to you and will part of our agreement with you. For example, should you gain access or make use of our Products for commercial or business purposes, such as the act of buying ads, selling contents, managing a group or page for your business, etc. you must agree to our Commercial terms. Any post that you made and share that contains songs or music of any kind by conform with our Music Guidelines. Should there be an conflict in the supplemental terms and the Terms found here, the Supplemental Terms will be complied with as far as the conflict is concerned

3.            Should any of the provisions provided in these Terms be considered unenforceable, the remaining terms are still considered to be fully valid and in full force. Should we fail to enforce these terms, it will not be considered a waiver of these terms. Any such waiver or possible amendments made on these terms must be made in writing and signed by us.

4.            None of your rights or obligations under the provisions of these terms will be transferred to anyone else without our permission

5.            Should your account be memorialized, you may be able to assigned a person (called a legacy contract) to manage your account. Once your account has been memorialized, the only person who can seek disclosure of your account will be your assigned person or legacy contact, or any person that you have identified in a valid will or similar documents that expresses your clear consent to disclose your content upon your death in incapacity.

6.            None of the provisions provided on these Terms will confer any Third-party beneficiary rights. All of the rights and obligations upon us that is found under the provisions of these Terms are free for us to assign in relation with a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, or by operation of law or otherwise

7.            Please be informed that there may be circumstances where we may need to change the username of your account. As an example, someone might claim ownership of the username and it would have appeared that the name is unrelated to the name you use in real life. Should such a change in username needs to happen, we will be informing such an action towards you in advance with an explanation as to why it is necessary

8.            Feedback and suggestions towards our products and services are encouraged and appreciated. Note however, that any such feedback and suggestions may be used without any restriction or obligation to compensate you, and we are not under any obligation to keep them confidential.

9.            Any rights not explicitly granted to you are withhold to us.